6 Ways to Start Getting Physically Fit as a Coder

Fitness is important. Period. Having a decent amount of endurance and strength benefits you in a lot of ways. Most importantly you will be happy more often.

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From Cubicle to Home Office

Every now and then the noisy office is getting on my nerves. Headphones or even closed doors are not helping. What’s the solution? Working remotely.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job

Let’s be honest. You’re sick of your current job. You’re telling yourself everything will be fine, but.. really? Maybe you should quit.

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Stop Asking Start Doing

You have lots and lots of ideas and wonder what would happen if you would start implementing them into your life? Read this.

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The Most Important Coding Guidelines

When you start a new job or project, when you enter a new team, it is really helpful to agree on some coding guidelines. One page is actually enough.

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