Microsoft CDAs on the Importance of Soft Skills for Software Developers

To achieve any goal as a developer, it’s not only about the technical skills. Building soft skills like communication are also immensely important.

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The Most Underrated Skill Every Developer Needs

For you as a developer there is one thing, that you should really practice while working your colleagues - and it's not technical.

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Making Story-Driven Indie Games with No Budget

There are lots of games that have demonstrated ways to tell a story with gameplay elements, the environment, and scripted events only. Here's how they did it.

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How to Stay Motivated

Wherever you currently are in your life, sometimes it’s just hard to stay motivated. In my experience, the following three habits provide the best results.

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3 Phrases That Will Kill Your Agile Team

I’d say most development teams nowadays at least call themselves agile. But often the question arises, are they really agile?

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